Type : Core & Plunger & Easy Pump
#9000 short core TR-C1 black 
#9200 short H.T. core TR-C1 red
#9000-1 air condition valve 
core for  R134a
TR-C1 blue
#8000 long core TR-C1 long black 
#8900 long large bore 
valve core
TR-C2 long red
#9900 short large bore 
valve core
TR-C2 short red
PG plunger for Dunlop -  
PGT plunger +  tubing for D/V -  
EPG1 easy pump for D/V, E/V -  
EPG2 blitz, easy pump for D/V -  
V003 core for presta, Regina - black
V003HT H.T. core for presta, regina - white
EPG2 SET Blitz + top nut + EG plastic cap -  
Type : Caps 
CA-BR key cap pure brass
CA-NI key cap  nickle plated
C CAP  dome plastic  @
CL CAP dome plastic with sealing  
E CAP plastic key cap  
CA2 dome top metal cap nickle plated
CA5 dome top metal cap chrome plated
CT1-CR Hex. metal cap chrome plated
CT2-NI dome metal cap nickle plated
CT2-CR dome metal cap chrome plated
CT2-ALR dome aluminum cap anodized in red
CT2-ALB dome aluminum cap anodized in blue
MT1-CR. Hex. metal cap chrome plated
ST2-CR. dome metal cap chrome plated
VC6 key cap for large bore valve pure brass
VC7 Hex. top cap for large bore valve Nickle plated
HLCB hex. plastic cap blue
HLCR hex. plastic cap red
ST4 hex. emblem cap chrome plated
Type : Sleeves for snap-in tubeless valve
DJ No. Length Mat'l Treatment
P413 13.20 brass chrome
P413ALR 13.20 aluminum anodized in red
P413ALB 13.20 aluminum anodized in blue
P413ALHR 21.00 aluminum anodized in red
P413ALHB 21.0 aluminum anodized in blue
P414 20.30 brass chrome
P414ALR 20.30 aluminum anodized in red
P414ALB 20.30 aluminum anodized in blue
P418 32 brass chrome
P418ALR 32 aluminum anodized in red
P418ALB 32 aluminum anodized in blue
Type : Nuts for tire valves
DJ No. Thread Material
NF1 6V1 Brass, Nickle plated
NG 8V1 Brass, Nickle plated
BN1 8V1 Brass, Nickle plated
HN13 10V1 Brass
HN21 9V1 Brass, Nickle plated
BN3 12V1 Brass
LN10 12V1 Brass
LN10P 12V1 POM/nylon, white
TG 8V1 Brass, Nickle plated
 Type : Grommets
RG15R for TR570 series silicone red
RG15 for TR570 series EPDM black
RG16 for sp2 EPDM black
RG7   EPDM black
Any grommets are available.
Type : Bushing, & washing
DJ No.  
TR-B6 Valve hole bushing to be used in valve hol 15.9mm(0.625")

Core Housing

Type : Core Housing
DJ No.CH3 with core & o-ring
DJ No.CH1 available